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Freda Sack – Revised Obituary

A slightly revised version of Catherine Dixon's obituary of Freda Sack is now available here.

Ann Pillar

Many members will be sad to learn of Ann's death. Her funeral will be held at Woking Crematorium on 6th August at 1pm.

New Memorial to Edward Johnston

A splendid new memorial to Edward Johnston, creator of the typeface still used on the Tube, is being unveiled at Farringdon station on Monday 24 June. The unveiling is open to all. Here is the timetable:

  • 12.30 Gather at Farringdon Station.
  • 12.45 Brian Woodhead, Customer Service Director, TFL, to formally welcome everyone to the event.
  • 12.50 Sir Peter Hendy, Chairman Network Rail, to present background to the project.
  • 12.55 Andrew Johnston to present a brief history of his grandfather and his achievements.
  • 13.05 Formal unveiling of the plaque.
  • 13.10 Get-together with guests in Castle Public House opposite station.

Maurits Enschedé

We are sorry to report the death, at the age of 93, of Maurits Enschedé of the famous Dutch printing company which shares his name. Maurits joined the Wynkyn de Worde society in 1966. As well as being a valued member, he will be remembered by many for his witty 1995 talk on banknote printing. The text of that talk can be read here.

Members’ Page Working Again

I am pleased to announce that the Members’ Page is working again. There are plans to make it much more useful in future. In particular, you will be able to use an online booking form in future (I hope).

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