Wynkyn de Worde Society


Officers and Contacts


  • Chairman
    Justin Hobson

  • Vice Chairman
    Martin Morgan

  • Hon. Secretary
    Alison Guy

  • Hon. Treasurer
    Robin Smeeton

  • Archivist Emeritus
    Leonard Chave

  • Interim Archivist
    Matt McKenzie

  • Luncheon Secretary
    Paul Benwell

  • Hon. Publications Officer
    Paul Gumn

  • Hon. Designer
    Paul Harpin

  • Web Editor
    Peter Danckwerts


  • Paul Benwell

  • Sue Bradbury

  • Alistair Hall

  • Paul Harpin

  • Carol Kemp

  • Matt McKenzie

  • Brian Verstage

Trustees of Charitable Trust

  • Chairman
    Margaret Hall

  • Hon Treasurer
    Stephen Brough

  • Education Officer
    Colin McHenry

John Jarrold Printing Museum

Photo: John Jarrold Print MuseumWe are told that the building containing the John Jarrold Printing Museum in Norwich may be demolished to make way for housing and offices and this may lead to the museum becoming a small static display, rather than a working museum. Further details are available here and here. ...

Ann Pillar

I am sure that many members will wish to congratulate Ann Pillar and Peter Cartwright on their marriage. Nice bit of letterpress, too! ...

Summer Outing

Philip Moore has kindly sent me this group photo of the Summer Outing to Berlin. They really look as though they had a great time. ...

It's not goodbye to Leonard!

Leonard receiving the thanks of the Society from Justin HobsonLeonard and Maureen Chave Leonard Chave has been the Wynkyn de Worde Society's Archivist since 1992. In recognition of his great service to the Society, he was presented with the brass sun emblems which were created for the Society's ...