Wynkyn de Worde Society


Your Calendar of Events for 2018

25 January
Buffet Luncheon at Stationers’ Hall
Naomi Games talks about her father, Abram Games
20 March
Art Workers’ Guild
17 May
Luncheon at Stationers’ Hall
Michael Johnson
21–22 June
Summer Outing to Berlin
19 July
Members-Only BuffetLuncheon at Stationers’ Hall
18 September
Art Workers’ Guild
Luke Gifford
9 October tbc
St Bride Institute
Quiz Night
15 November
Luncheon at Stationers’ Hall
Preceded by AGM
6 December
Christmas Party
At the Cello Factory se1

Ann Pillar

I am sure that many members will wish to congratulate Ann Pillar and Peter Cartwright on their marriage. Nice bit of letterpress, too! ...

Summer Outing

Philip Moore has kindly sent me this group photo of the Summer Outing to Berlin. They really look as though they had a great time. ...

It's not goodbye to Leonard!

Leonard receiving the thanks of the Society from Justin HobsonLeonard and Maureen Chave Leonard Chave has been the Wynkyn de Worde Society's Archivist since 1992. In recognition of his great service to the Society, he was presented with the brass sun emblems which were created for the Society's ...

Sale of Books for the Charitable Trust – 25% Off!

There are still some books left in this great sale, and now they're even cheaper. The proceeds will go to the Wynkyn de Worde Charitable Trust. For details of what is available and how to buy them, download the PDF. ...