Wynkyn de Worde Society


Former Chairmen of the Society

1957–59 James Shand
1960–61 James Moran
1962–63 Kenneth Day
1964–65 Chris Colebrook
1966-67 Bernard Roberts
1968 Jack Matson
1969 Antony Mackay Miller
1970 G Allen Hutt
1971 James Blake
1972 Roy Fullick
1973 Peter Guy
1974 John Miles
1975 Basil Harley
1976 David Kindersley
1977 John Taylor
1978 Peter Moore
1979 John Robinson
1980 Alec Jolly
1981 Robert Norton
1982 Margaret Hall
1983 Victor Clark
1984 Colin Banks
1985 Muriel Grunfield
1986 Philip Cohen
1987 Michael Brown
1988 John Dreyfus
1989 Lida Lopes Cardozo
1990 Charles Stephenson

1991 Cornelia Playle
1992 Tony Rainbird
1993 Leo Smith
1994 John Vanderpump
1995 Richard Russell
1996 Paul Gumn
1997 Timothy Guy
1998 Philip Moore
1999 Elizabeth Miller
2000 Robin Smeeton
2001 Peter Jarrold
2002 Andrew Lamb
2003 Patrick Brittain
2004 David Way
2005 Paul Benwell
2006 Thelma Rolfe
2007 Stephen Brough
2008 Colin McHenry
2009 Peter Danckwerts
2010 James Alexander
2011 Graham Beck
2012 Colin Dunn
2013 Lynda Brockbank
2014 Jeremy Tankard
2015 Paul Haslam
2016 Becky Chilcott
2017 Margaret Willes

Summer Outing

Philip Moore has kindly sent me this group photo of the Summer Outing to Berlin. They really look as though they had a great time. ...

It's not goodbye to Leonard!

Leonard receiving the thanks of the Society from Justin HobsonLeonard and Maureen Chave Leonard Chave has been the Wynkyn de Worde Society's Archivist since 1992. In recognition of his great service to the Society, he was presented with the brass sun emblems which were created for the Society's ...

Sale of Books for the Charitable Trust – 25% Off!

There are still some books left in this great sale, and now they're even cheaper. The proceeds will go to the Wynkyn de Worde Charitable Trust. For details of what is available and how to buy them, download the PDF. ...

Stationers’ Company Open New Archive

The official opening of the Stationers’ Company’s new archive room and reading room took place on 10 November 2017, and represented a milestone in improving access to its unique and priceless archive, both for members of the Company and the general public. Thanks to the generosity of ...